Staff Directory

You may contact the staff by email:

Pastor Fr. Michael W. Quaine 586-247-0020
Associate Pastor Fr. Artemio (Tim) Galos 586-247-0020
Deacon Rev. Mr. Jerry Campernel  586-566-4494
Deacon Rev. Mr. Franz Hoffer 586-566-4494
Bookkeeper Mrs. Janis Kummerl 586-566-4480
Parish Administrator Ms. Jeanne Kelly 586-566-4481
Director of Religious Education/FLT Ms. Claudia Welbes 586-566-4492
Youth Ministry Coordinator Ms. Claudia Welbes 586-566-4492
 Music Minister Ms. Barb Robinson  586-566-4485 
Christian Service Minister Ms. Michelle Hayes 586-566-4487