Appalachian Mission Blog July 2017: Day 1

“A Matchup of Miracles”

​        After many months of planning, our combined team of missionaries from St. Martin de Porres and St. Michael left for Louisa, Kentucky in the Appalachian Mountains. We left right at 8am and started on our 9 hour trip to the Fr. Beiting Mission. With only a couple of “potty” stops and lunch at Bob Evan’s, our caravan of 6 vehicles had a smooth, uneventful trip (Just what we prayed for!). When we arrived Cindy Capria, the mission volunteer coordinator, guided us to our home for the next week. This year, because we have a bigger group, we are in a larger house in the city of Louisa. It is a humble dwelling, but has everything we need. We are very blessed that air conditioning is one of those things, as it is very hot and humid here.
​        We unpacked, got settled in and enjoyed dinner together. After we ate, we gathered in the living room for team prayer. Our 3 burning candles represented the Holy Trinity and the Light of Christ that we hope will shine through us. Unfortunately, we did not seem to have voices of angels as we practiced our team song, “Go Make a Difference” for the first time. We decided we would add several percussion instruments from the dollar store to improve the quality of our performance later this week. It can only go up from here. Today’s reading from Romans inspired us to share what prompted us to join the mission team. A desire to help others and to continue the good work of Fr. Beiting was common motivations.

        We concluded our prayer time with a blessing of our hands with blessed Frankincense oil. The sweet smell of the oil filled the room as we prayed that our hands and hearts be strengthened for the work we are assigned to do and that we can be the hands of Christ to the families we serve.   

        We are honored to represent all of you as we do this work. Your commitment to pray for us inspires and encourages us. This year your team of missionaries includes:
Christine Bourcier
Cameron Chadwick
Ashley Dahl
Michelle Hayes
Dan Heileman
Renee’ Heileman
Robert Laichalk
Chuck Lamb
Rocky Mercier
Mark Mizak
Kitty Moore
Sheryl Nieman-Hancock
Stan Ortwein
Joseph Pavone-Chadwick
Christie Petras
Joe Saputo
Dylan Twardy