Mission Day 3: Tues. July 25




          We have all been working hard, but are having a blast. The missionary team has bonded quickly and everyone has pitched in to make things flow well. We are not members of 2 churches trying to work together, but all members of one mission team working together in God’s vineyard. So much work is getting done!

          The team has also been praying for our communities back home and want you to know how much we are feeling the power of your prayers. We are all stepping out of our comfort zones, but not feeling uncomfortable. Hours of sleep are short, but we have had the energy to work hard. New friendships are developing quickly. We have also witnessed the protection of the people we are serving, we believe because all of you are covering us with prayer. Walter (known as J.R., one of the men we are serving) was in a very serious car accident last night, but unexplainably was able to walk away from it. He said he should have been dead and his truck was totaled. God protected him, though, and he is still here to care for his 3 year old daughter and 4 year old son. Praise God!   

          Two of our three jobs were completed today. The bathroom floor got installed and the exterior steps were completed. Tomorrow morning the house siding should be completed. We are blessed to have several men who have very strong construction skills and they are willing to share that knowledge with the other team members. It is also very exciting to have four missionaries (Ashley, Cameron, Dylan and Joseph) who are in their 20’s. Their youthful attitude gives us older folks an infusion of energy. They give us hope for the future of both our church and country with their strong sense of responsibility and deep faith.

          The thrift store team also accomplished a lot today. A box containing 10,000 plastic-like plates (not an exaggeration!) was divided into small portions, bagged up, then stocked on the shelves or put back in the large box to storage. These plates are sold at a much lower price than regular dishes and can be washed many times. We also stocked the shelves with school supplies and the racks with clothes. School starts next week here in Kentucky so many families were in the thrift store to purchase clothes and essentials for school. Many other tasks to help the store staff were done. The highlight of the day was a marriage proposal for Michelle. Unfortunately the gentleman was 87 years old with early Alzheimer’s and wasn’t willing to relocate to Michigan.

          Overall, we had a great day. Our evening prayer experience was meaningful with much sharing about God’s grace was helping us stretch ourselves beyond our normal human limits. Please pray hard tonight, we have to sing in the morning (Wednesday). We don’t want to embarrass you or us!