Mission Day 5: Thurs. July 27

THURSDAY, July 27, 2017
Be the face of Christ, See the face of Christ

        We started the day going to 7am Mass and were surprised to have one of our fellow missionaries celebrate Mass instead of Fr. Mike. Fr. Thomas from Ghana is a missionary with the New York Group. He talked about God’s request for us to meet Him in the sick, the hungry, the poor. In other words, to see the face of Christ in them. Sometimes fear may cause us to back away from that challenge, but we need to be brave and bold. We are called to see and hear and feel the needs of the hurting. Praying for assistance from the Holy Spirit is essential for success in this.
        After Mass everyone headed out for a full day of work. Our siding crew finished their job for Miss Hazel. Another group started a new job for a widow who lost her husband 2 years ago and had lost her son and only child about 5 years before. She is now raising her 2 grandchildren because their mother abandoned them. A previous crew of volunteers repaired the ceiling of a bedroom damaged when a tree fell on the house. Our group followed up and painted the room white, making it clean and bright.
        The third work crew headed to Miss Velma’s to add railings to the steps. They were unable to connect to power, so instead finished another project for a Miss Delcie. Another crew put in a new window and our crew did the trim work on it. Our fourth crew again spent the day at the thrift store. The store is not open on Thursday, so we were asked to sweep and mop the whole store. The store is about 5000 square feet! It had not been done in quite a while, so it was quite a big job and took most of the morning. We also sorted and stocked merchandise throughout the day. The store is especially busy this time of the year. Because school starts in another week, families are getting the children ready to start. Many families had vouchers for clothes because they can’t afford to buy them. A voucher entitles each child to 5 pairs of pants, 5 shirts, a couple pairs of socks, a couple pairs of underwear and one pair of shoes. It was amazing how quickly things flew off the racks. This is why our donations are so important. Children count on us.
​        Tonight, two of the seminarians who have worked with us this week joined us for dinner. After dinner we shared in evening prayer. Tonight we talked about being the face of Christ for those we serve and recognizing the face of Christ in them. The incredible depth of faith in people who have so little made it easy to recognize Christ in them. We also discussed how the Holy Spirit has been so present in our house this week. Our team has bonded so quickly we feel like we’ve known each other for years. We have prayed, laughed abundantly, generously shared with each other and definitely seen the face of Christ in each other.
        ​One more full day of work before we leave for the comfort of our own homes. As always we are grateful for the prayer support you are giving us and we continue to pray for you.