Mission Day 6: Fri. July 28

God is good – All the time

​        Holy Smokes, this week has flown by! This is our last work day and then tomorrow we will be on our way home. We want to fit in as much as we can today.
         Mass started our day again and Fr. Mike was back. He spoke about how we can read the same Scripture verse several times and it can speak to us in different ways at different times. Many of this week’s Gospels talked about sowing seeds. He asked us today to think about the soil. How rich is it? How rocky is it? How dry is it? This will affect how the seeds are accepted and grow. This week we have been asked to plant seeds of faith, seeds of hope, seeds of the resurrection and seeds of salvation so that the Kingdom will come to its fullest. We don’t know how the things we said or did will affect the people we were with. We later agreed that we hope we did plant some seeds this week, but feel like many of those we served actually ministered to and planted seeds in us.
         Two crews went out to homes today to finish up a couple jobs. One team added additional railings for safety to the 2 story staircase constructed earlier this week. Another crew fixed a leaky kitchen sink for the woman who had her bedroom painted yesterday. The rest of the team worked at the mission center in the thrift store or warehouse. A few of them later came back to our house and cleaned out the gutters and secured them. We had a downpour yesterday and water was pouring over the side of the house.
         It was a short workday and we had a final meeting at the mission center with the other missionary groups. It was announced that today was Christine’s birthday. We sang “Happy Birthday” and had ice cream. Everyone then proceeded to the local Walmart for a flash mob. Small groups of missionaries spread out around the store. Our cue to start was when one on the Seminarians called out, “God is Good” and we responded “All the time” he then said, “All the time” and we responded “God is Good!” That was followed by all of us reading Psalm 105. Look it up. It’s a good one.
         The rest of the day was left for us to do as we wish. The people from last year’s team brought the newbies to see where we had previously stayed, then we did a little site-seeing. We visited Yatesville State Park that contains a manmade lake created in the valley of the mountain. It was then home for a dinner of left-overs and some packing.
         At the end of the day we sang our song, “Go Make a Difference”, one more time (there has definitely been improvement since Sunday) then had evening prayer. We all talked about our adventures this week and shared when we felt closest to God or when we knew we were experiencing holy moments. These included times spent with each other and times with those we served.
         It was a beautiful week, but we will all be happy to be in our own beds tomorrow. Your prayers and support are more appreciated than we can ever express to you. Thank you!