Special Event Hospitality

This ministry includes people who plan and execute event hospitality (food and beverages, decorations) as well as those who assist in the execution, including set-up and clean-up. There are several events throughout the year such as Christmas Hanging of the Greens, Anniversary Mass, Easter Vigil and others. Planners determine what and how much to serve, what supplies are necessary and how many people are needed to execute the event. They also acquire the food and supplies. Helpers perform set-up, clean-up and other duties as required.

Time Commitment: For event planners: The amount of time needed depends on the function. Approximately 1 – 3 hours would be required for planning and acquiring supplies. Additional time is then necessary for set-up and clean-up, as well as the function itself. For event helpers: Set-up and clean-up generally takes 1 hour total.

Special Training/Skills Needed: Planners: If you’ve ever planned for a big family event, you’re qualified! Helpers – no special skills needed.

When to join: At any time.

Staff Contact:  Deacon Franz Hoffer 586-566-4494