SVDP Stores/Donations

The stores appreciate your item donations and invite you to shop there. In both ways, money is raised that is then turned into help for those in need. Seriously consider stopping by to take a look around and possibly buy something. The store sells new items along with used items.

You may drop off any donations at any SVDP store.

For pickup information, please call (313) 972-3100 or (877) 788-4623.

The nearest stores are located at:

SVDP Utica Store                                                                     SVDP Clinton Twp. Store
45550 Van Dyke, Utica                                                             35192 Gratiot, Clinton Twp.
(586) 323-5133                                                                         (586) 792-3500
(located about ¼ mile North of Hall Rd)                                   (located on 15 mile just east of Gratiot)


If you are interested in volunteering at the store, for every hour that you volunteer St. Michael’s SVDP will receive a $10.00 store voucher card for your efforts.