How do I make a donation in honor of someone or donate to the St. Michael Building Fund?

Please see the Electronic Giving and Memorial Tab under ABOUT US for the link to our E-Giving site.

If you wish to honor someone or make a memorial donation and do not wish to utilize E-Giving, please contact the Parish Office at 586-247-0020.



Please contact your Funeral Home first. The Funeral Director will then contact St. Michael for availability and scheduling of the Funeral Mass. For information regarding a Memorial Service, please contact the Parish Office at 586-247-0020.


Sacrament of Penance

When are private confessions heard?

The private confessions are heard every Saturday at 3:00 pm or by appointment. Please call the Parish Office at 586-247-0020 to schedule an appointment.

There are no private confessions Holy Saturday.


Sacrament of the Sick

Who do I notify if there is a serious illness in our family?

Please call the Parish Office at 586-247-0020 to report the illness.  The Front Office Staff will take the information needed, and if the family would like an anointing of the person, that will be arranged.


Baptismal Preparation

How do we get our baby baptized at St. Michael Catholic Community?

The parent/s must come in and fill out the application for Baptism. At that time we will explain about the classes needed.


Wedding Preparation

How do I get married at St. Michael Catholic Community?

The couple first must make an appointment to speak with Fr. Michael Quaine, our Pastor. This meeting should be at least a year in advance. Please call the Parish office at 586-247-0020.


Newcomers to St. Michael

How do I become a registered parishioner at St. Michael Catholic Community?

A registration form is available in the Front Office during business hours. A packet will be given to new parishioner/s to read over and we will answer any questions.


Community Outreach

How can I help the needy through St. Michael Catholic Community?

Click on Christian Service to explore the many opportunities to reach out to the elderly, the homeless, the hungry, or those facing emergency needs.  You can also call the Christian Service office at 586-566-4487.


Religious Vocations

Who do I call if I am interested in becoming a priest?

Fr. Michael Quaine, Pastor.