Acolyte/Altar Servers at Masses

The ministry of Acolyte/Altar Servers has its roots in the Old Testament and is considered a minor order of the church; being an Acolyte/Altar Server is a service of honor to God and to the worshiping community. Duties include:

  • carrying candles in the entrance procession/exit procession.
  • taking charge of setting up the Altar for the prayers of consecration.
  • helping the presider prepare for the Eucharist.

The Acolyte/Altar Server Ministry is available to all individuals, male or female that have made their First Communion.  You serve on a three-month schedule and you only work the Masses you indicate as your preference (Saturday 4:30pm; Sunday 8:00am, 9:45am, and 11:30am). You will seldom serve more than once or twice per month.  If interested or care to discuss, please contact Deacon Franz at or at 586-247-0020.