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Welcome to our website.  My name is Fr. Mike Quaine and I have been the pastor of St. Michael for several years.  It is a warm and wonderful community, based on the gospel values and the practice of hospitality.  I hope you like what you see.   St. Michael Catholic Community is part of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit and together with the greater Church Community we seek to build the Kingdom of God.  Our gifts are many and our hearts are open to receive you.

Father Michael Mike Quaine - St. Michael Catholic Community

Our History

• Early 1974 – begin the process of establishing a parish to be bounded by Garfield, Clinton River, Saal and 19 Mile Road.

 June 1974 – Fr. Lawrence Jackson was assigned as Pastor.

• On November 17, 1974 the first Liturgy for the community was celebrated at the Wyandot Middle School by Father Jackson.

• March 13, 1975, by decree of John Cardinal Dearden, Archbishop of Detroit, we were officially designated a parish of the Archdiocese of Detroit, to be known as St. Michael Parish. The name Michael means “Who is like God”. Jesus tells us, “Be perfect even as my heavenly Father is perfect”. This is the call, the challenge given to us as a parish community. The name Michael is a reminder to us that we are called to be a community of God.

• September 1976, Contracts were signed with Rosetti & Associates, Architects, to begin the preliminary work on the design of our Church building.

• July 17, 1977, groundbreaking at 40501 Hayes Road with ground blessing by Fr. John Gordon, Vicar for the North Macomb Vicariate.

• October 1977 – Original building will seat 900-1200, five classrooms, and five offices. Total cost, $750,000 with $200,000 already pledged by parishioners.

• October 21, 1978, Church dedication by Bishop Thomas Gumbleton.

• 1987/1988 – Construction of parish offices and new Social Hall. Building is now a complete circle.

• August 1993 – Fr. Larry and parish representatives meet with Archbishop Maida and the consulters regarding purchase of former Macomb Christian Church (Hayes at 19 Mile). The purchase has been approved. The name of this building will be St. Michael Activity Center.

• April, 2000 – The Activity Center is renamed to Fr. Lawrence J. Jackson Activity Center by decree of the Parish Council to honor Fr. Larry’s 40th anniversary to the priesthood.

 June 30, 2004 – Fr. Lawrence J. Jackson granted Senior Status as a priest.

• July 1, 2004 – Fr. Michael W. Quaine begins assignment as pastor.

• August, 2014 – The Activity Center was closed and sold.

• September, 2015 – The Fr. Larry Jackson Youth Center was officially dedicated and open.


  • 1974 – Rev. Lawrence J. Jackson
  • 2004 – Rev. Michael W. Quaine



  • October 1975 – Fr. Nazareth De Sa
  • February 1976 – Fr. Gary Schulte
  • October 1979 – Fr. Paul Xuereb
  • June 1980 – Fr. Richard Welsh
  • June 1983 – Fr. William Siebert
  • July 1994 – Fr. Joseph Mallia
  • July 1996 – Fr. Stanislaw Tokarski
  • July 1997 – Fr. Thomas Kuehnemund
  • July 1999 – Fr. Francisco Restrepo
  • July 2002 – Fr. Jacek Brewcynski
  • July 2004 – Fr. Artemio Galos

Our Patron, St. Michael, The Archangel

St. Michael the Archangel Patron – ‘the leader of the ranks of angels and the guardian and protector of the people of Israel’ (Dan. 10:12).  According to early Christian belief, Michael defeated Satan and his followers and banished them from heaven.  He is traditionally regarded as the guardian of Christian armies against the enemies of the Church, and as the protector of the individual Christian against the power of Satan, especially at the moment of death.  In the Christian liturgy, Michael is the protector of the Church and the angel who escorts the souls of the departed into heaven.  The feast of the archangels, Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael is celebrated September 29.

Central Macomb Vicariate

St. Michael Catholic Community is part of the Central Macomb Vicariate Pastoral Council, which includes the Catholic Churches in Centerline, Clinton Township, Harrison Township, Mount Clemens, Sterling Heights and Warren.

To access the Central Macomb Vicariate website, please click on the link below:


St. Louis / St. Ronald

The Parish Communities of St. Louis, St. Michael and St. Ronald entered into a consortium agreement in 2004 that they would use their parish resources to build up the Body of Christ in Clinton Township and Sterling Heights. Obviously, this is a modest attempt to practice our Catholic identity beyond our parish communities without losing sight of the local Churches that nourish and sustain us. It is our hope that other offerings be added in the future.

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