2018 Mission Trip: Louisa, Kentucky Day 5


We were back to our regular routine today and started the day with 7am Mass. Fr. Mike talked about hearing God’s voice. God is constantly calling out to us. His voice, His message, His love is for everyone. The question is, are we listening or do we get too distracted with our own agendas to pay attention. Life is not predestined. God does decide our fate before we are allowed to live our lives. He patiently waits for us to listen and respond to Him.

After Mass we separated into teams and went to our work assignments. The team constructing the deck completed their project today with a gable over the door. The team had a little time today to interact more with the family. The family was very happy with the job. It was revealed that the family has lived a very traumatic life with many hardships. They are grateful to be together again in Louisa now. Little Bentley really bonded with the team and was offering his toys as gifts and shouted out “free hugs for everyone!” (By the way, it was also discovered that Cameron was Barbara, the homeowner’s, favorite)








The team who finished their window job on Tuesday went to help at God’s Food Pantry of Louisa today. Louisa has an inter-denominational ministerial team. All of the different churches work at the pantry. The team spent many hours emptying a large truck filled with dairy products and other food staples. Next they helped fill boxes with varied foods to be distributed to people in need. Today 98 families were served. The team had many meaningful interactions with other volunteers and pantry customers. Sr. Pat from St. Jude in Louisa routinely volunteers there and she revealed that she is a doctor and previously worked as a surgeon in Africa as a missionary. During their time there they prayed with, cried with, and learned from many locals.









The third team added Bob to their team and returned to Nancy’s house to continue tearing out the old rotted floor, re-stabilize and support the foundation so that new sub-floor can be installed. This needs to be completed in a dining room, bathroom and bedroom. As other team members completed their assignments they also came to this site to help. Tomorrow most of the missionary team will be at this site to try to get it completed on our last day of work.








It’s hard to believe that many of the people on the team didn’t know each other before this trip. We have had so much fun together. Even with all the silliness, laughing and razzing, though, the commitment to serve and to serve well has been the dominating motivation of the team. Every person on the trip has been working very hard. We have also enjoyed the colorful way the locals speak. One example is when asked, “How are you doing?” a woman replied “Finer than a frog’s hair split in three.” I can’t imagine someone in Warren or Sterling Heights giving that answer.

This evening the three seminarian interns came to our house for a grilled chicken dinner. David is from Cincinnati, OH and Kevin and Derek are from Harrisburg, PA. After dinner they led us in prayer and faith sharing. We talked about our high and low moments during the week, our God moments and what we will take home with us. Many special memories were shared. We all hope that we can bring a renewed fervor for our faith home with us.








Sending you all prayers and appreciation for your support. Hoping for one more successful and productive day of work.