2019 Mission Trip: Louisa, Kentucky Day 4



Praise God! We were able to sleep in a bit later today which was glorious! We had a hot breakfast together before leaving for the Point of Hope Center to start our day. By 9am we were on the streets of Louisa to pray a Pro-Life meditation Rosary, praying the Glorious Mysteries. With the seminarians in the lead we walked throughout the neighborhood and city streets. After our prayer time we walked to the Masterpiece Café and Painted Cow Art Gallery. This is a Christian Coffee Shop attached to an art gallery. It is owned by a local organization that helps people with addictions, Addiction Recovery Care. Christ is at the center of the care provided.

Unfortunately, the local thrift store run by Miss Mae was closed today, so we were unable to go there to hear the local gospel singers and share our song with the groups. Instead we went back to Point of Hope center with our friends from Immaculate Conception Church (ICC) and sang gospel songs there. Our theme song this year is “Bring Forth the Kingdom.” Although we sing it every night with our evening prayers, we haven’t talked about it because we actually sang it pretty well, unlike some of our choices in past years. (Not that we’re going on the road with it any time soon.) The kids from ICC sang the song “Big House” with all of the hand gestures.

After lunch we were sent out on home visits or community visits. Dan, Cameron, Rob and Sheryl went to the Martin County Healthcare Facility (a nursing home). They played BINGO with the residents and spent time chatting with them. Michelle, Mark, David and Joe S. went to the JJ Jordan Nursing Home. They got a little more up close and personal with the residents by giving the ladies manicures. Mark went outside to fill all of the bird feeders with seed. This attracts the birds to the area so that the residents can watch the birds fly and feed outside of their windows. On the way back into the facility he met up with a man named Scotty who was a delight.

Rocky, Joseph C, Ashley and Renee’ visited the home of a family we served last year, the home of Miss Barbara. She has her son and his family living with her, including her grandson Bentley. You might remember that last year five year old Bentley acted as the architect of the project of creating a new porch and handicap ramp off of their home. Bentley was so excited to see his friends from last year. He could hardly contain himself and gave each of us bear hugs as we arrived. It was a wonderful visit catching up with the family and finding out that the work we did was serving them well.

When we returned to our home at Padre’s Place we found that the power was out, leaving us with no fans or air conditioning in these hot, humid conditions. The power had not been out long, so it was still not too warm in the house. Soon we were on our way to church for Adoration and Mass. God is so gracious. By the time we got back home our power was back on.

Tonight we entertained the seminarians for dinner, serving grilled chicken, rice and salad with ice cream sundays for dessert. They shared a little bit about themselves and their call to the priesthood. After dinner they gathered with us for evening prayer and reflection. We shared about seeing the face of Christ in those that we serve and in each other. We are blessed to have Christian friends to encourage and support each other in our desire for our actions to please and imitate those of Christ.

Please know how much your prayers and support are being felt. We remind each other often that someone is praying for us every minute. Prayers and blessings to you all!