This ministry keeps our church linens clean and crisp. Launderers pick up the used purificators, altar cloths and towels on Sunday and wash them with their regular load of towels. They are then ironed and returned to church by Wednesday of that same week.

Time Commitment: 1 – 2 hours once every other month.

Special Training/Skills Needed: Ironing skills.

When to join: Launderers are scheduled approximately once every other month. A schedule is published every six months. It is best to sign-up in September or March but new launderers are always welcome and accommodations can be made.


The dates listed below are the Sundays that you are scheduled to pick up the purificators, towels, altar cloths, etc. from the sacristy.  If you cannot do the laundry on your week, please feel free to contact another launderer and trade weeks.  Feel free to call Deacon Franz Hoffer if you have any questions at 566-4494.


CLICK ON Greeters, Breadbakers, Launderers March 9 through Jun 30, 2019 FOR THE NEW SCHEDULE.


Staff Contact:  Deacon Franz Hoffer 586-566-4494